Cable Type: HHTAY-50-21(7/8″A)
Size 62.56

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  • Description


    Cable Type: HHTAY-50-21(7/8″A)

    Cable Size:
    Inner Conductor Copper tube (Diameter 9.45 mm)
    Dielectric Physical Foam Polyethylene(Diameter 22.8mm)
    Outer Conductor Corrugated Copper Tube(Diameter 25.4mm)
    Jacket Black PE(Diameter 27.8mm)

    Inner Conductor Pin Brass or Tin Bronze /Silver Plating
    Body&Outer Conductor Brass/Trimetal Plating
    Insulator PTFE
    Gasket Silicon Rubber
    Nut Brass/Nickel Plating or Trimetal Plating