The ultimate solution for crystal-clear communication and seamless connectivity.

• Experience crystal-clear communication with our Ceramic Filters
• Seamlessly combine multiple signals with our Combiner Filters
• Optimize spectrum efficiency with our Duplexer Filters

• Extend coverage and amplify signals with our TMA Filters
• Stay ahead of the curve with our specialized 5G Filters
• Achieve optimal performance  with our specialized C-Band Filters

C-Band Filters
Achieve optimal performance with our state-of-the-art C-Band Filters
Designed to meet the demands of Phase 1 and Phase 2 frequencies
Engineered with a small form factor.

State-of-the-art C-Band Filters

Dengyo C-Band Filters are designed for seamless spectrum transition. With Phase 1 and Phase 2 compatibility (3700-3980 MHz), enjoy over 35 dB rejection in a 20 MHz bandwidth. Featuring 8 antenna TX/RX ports, 1 calibration port, and AISG controlled switching for precise integration. Compact, weatherized design (IP68) ensures reliability in any environment. Experience minimal insertion loss (1.25 dB) and passband ripple (0.5 dB) for unmatched performance and durability.

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Dengyo USA Combiner Filters

High Frequency Combiner

Our High-Frequency Combiner ensures efficient integration of diverse signal sources with ease.

Dengyo USA Duplexer Filters


Duplexers optimized for the 6G, 7G, 13G, 15G, and 38G frequency bands.

Dengyo USA Filters

TE01/TM dielectric filter

Seamlessly integrates into any application, offering precise frequency control.

Dengyo USA Duplexer Filters

1.7GHz Duplexer

This essential component ensures efficient separation of transmit and receive signals.

Dengyo USA Combiner Filters

4G TDD-LTE Combiner

Our combiner facilitates the integration of diverse signal sources with ease.

Dengyo USA 5G Filters

5G Filter

Stay ahead of the curve, engineered for compatibility in the next-generation landscape.

Dengyo USA LTE Filters

4G FDD-LTE 2T4R Filter

Engineered to optimize the performance of 4G wireless communication systems.

Dengyo USA HPF Filters


Experience superior frequency management for seamless communication.

Dengyo USA Filters

UHF Filter

Operates within the Ultra High Frequency range, this filter offers performance and precision.

Dengyo USA Duplexer Filters

TX/RX Duplexer

This innovative device seamlessly separates transmit (TX) and receive (RX) signals.

Dengyo USA Filters

700/800 Wave Device

A cutting-edge innovation designed to revolutionize your connectivity.

Dengyo USA Filters

800 Wave Common Device

Your all-in-one solution for seamless connectivity across multiple platforms

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