Radios & CPE


Dengyo Technologies' RAN portfolio covers small cell, fixed wireless access, in-building, and rural/suburban applications. Our portfolio includes OpenRAN solutions.

Dengyo USA Radios

Base Station Radios

Our radio units (RU) support features such as MIMO, CPRI, carrier aggregation, and VoLTE, in a range of transmit powers.

Dengyo USA CPE

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Our outdoor high-gain CPEs blast through foliage, while the indoor CPE provide subscriber convenience and self-installation.

Dengyo USA All in One

eNodeB's and gNodeB's

Our radio base station units for 4G and 5G networks are available in different bands, power levels and configurations.

Dengyo USA Fusion 8-port base station antenna


FUSION combines a massive MIMO CBRS radio/antenna with a traditional base station antenna (8 port) in one integrated package that maximizes space savings.