FUSION combines a massive MIMO CBRS radio/antenna with a traditional base station antenna (8 port) in one integrated package that maximizes space savings.

The CBRS radio/antenna is situated at the back of the base station antenna, and is designed to transmit and receive transparently through the base station antenna.


Massive MIMO CBRS radio/antenna

Frequency: 2496 – 2690 MHz (band N41)
                          3550 – 3700 MHz (band N78)

IBW: 100 MHz

OBW: 200 MHz

Massive MIMO: 8T8R
                                         32T32R (10W per path)
                                         64T64R (5W per path)

5G NR or LTE

Non-Standalone (NSA) or Standalone (SA)


8-port base station antenna

8 ports

Frequency: 617 – 894 MHz (4 ports)
                          1696 – 2690 MHz (4 ports)

Beamwidth: 65°

Gain: 14 / 17 dBi

Tilt: 2°-12° / 2°-12° 

Tilt Antenna with 4 Integrated RCUs

Height: 4 feet

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