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Speciality Antennas

Transparent Antenna

Seamless. That’s the best way to describe the look of today’s high-end venues. From control panel touchscreens installed into the wall to doors that glide effortlessly on hidden hinges, every aspect of modern convenience blends seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the venue.  So why shouldn’t your wireless solution be the same? Transparency is the

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New Spectrum

New Spectrum, New Opportunities

It’s an exciting time in the wireless industry: a massive infusion of some 500 MHz of spectrum has been auctioned by the FCC. Expanding today’s mobile and fixed wireless networks and services will help bridge the digital divide, accelerate 5G adoption, and spur innovation in industrial manufacturing, IoT, and autonomous vehicles. What are the drivers

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Dengyo USA Antennas

Choosing the Right 3.5 GHz Antenna

With new opportunities opening up due to a massive infusion of 500 MHz of spectrum to the wireless industry, you need to be prepared to take full advantage. That means choosing the 3.5GHz antenna that best suits your needs.

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Dengyo USA Film Wrap Antenna

The Film Wrap Antenna

For most connectivity challenges, the answer is easy. Simply install the antenna where it’s most convenient using metal fittings to hold it in place. It’s not always the prettiest installation but it’ll get the job done.  But what happens when you need to provide quality mobile solution while protecting the integrity of the surface you’re

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Top 5 Reasons to Declutter Your Cell Site

Top 5 Reasons to Declutter Your Cell Site with Multi-Band Antennas

From the earliest days of the telephone, companies (and the public) have had to deal with cluttered spaces. As the first phone companies competed for customers, they filled the sky above the streets with hundreds and hundreds of phone lines. Needless to say, it wasn’t the best solution, but it was the only solution they

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