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Top 5 Reasons to Declutter Your Cell Site with Multi-Band Antennas

Top 5 Reasons to Declutter Your Cell Site

From the earliest days of the telephone, companies (and the public) have had to deal with cluttered spaces. As the first phone companies competed for customers, they filled the sky above the streets with hundreds and hundreds of phone lines. Needless to say, it wasn’t the best solution, but it was the only solution they had at the time. 

Today, those early copper telephone lines have largely been replaced with underground fiber optic cables and wireless technology dominates the communication market. Unfortunately, history tends to repeat itself and instead of cluttered phone lines, we now have to contend with cluttered cell towers filled to capacity with antennas of every make and model.

By utilizing multi-band antennas, you can free yourself from cluttered cell site issues. In fact, here are five reasons why you should declutter your cell site with multi-band antennas. 

Cost Effective

Leasing space on a tower can get expensive as the number of antennas you have on site determines your cost. Reduce your monthly costs by replacing multiple single-band antennas with one multi-band antenna that can meet your variable needs and handle multiple spectrums.

Improved Capacity

Space on a cell tower is limited so getting maximum usage is critical for success. With multi-band antennas you can increase your capacity exponentially providing better coverage for your customers. 

Reduce Wind Loading 

When you have a cell tower in an area known for higher wind speeds, aerodynamics plays a big role in its design and utility. The higher you go, the stronger the wind. Reduce wind loading by reducing the number of panel antenna you have on the tower. With multi-band antennas, you’ll have the same broadcasting capacity with less surface area.

Increased Safety

Tower climbers have a very dangerous job. Suspended high above the ground, they ensure our wireless technology works, keeping us connected no matter where we are. So why make their job more difficult? Fewer antennas mean less equipment for them to deal with when servicing the site decreasing the odds of unfortunate accidents. 

Better Aesthetics

A common complaint concerning cluttered cell towers is how unseemly they are. Overflowing with single-band antennas, their patchwork look gives onlookers the impression that planning and aesthetics don’t mean a thing to the cell tower owner. With multi-band antennas, you can reduce the number of antennas and organize them into a much more visually pleasing arrangement that’s still effective for coverage.   At DENGYO, we focus on performance quality and clean aesthetics to create wireless technology that performs exceptionally well. By utilizing our variety of multi-band antennas, you can declutter your cell site while still providing the quality coverage your customers expect. To learn more, give us a call and let’s talk about the mobility solution that best suits your unique business needs.