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DENGYO USA Answering the Call

The Challenge:

Finding an Antenna Vendor to Replace Specialty Antennas

A major US Carrier with regional offices in Florida found itself in a dilemma. They needed to upgrade 100-150 existing antennas to better support current generation multiband 4G/5G antennas.

The challenge was their mounting location – at the top of existing flag poles. This not only limited the space they could utilize for mounting – just 10 feet for two stacks – but also the type of antenna that could be used as it needed to fit within the existing pole mount designs.

The carrier approached their incumbent vendors but none had an existing solution that would work, nor were they willing to create custom solutions on such a relatively small scale. 

The Solution:

A Custom Solution that Met All Specifications

After hearing about the carrier’s dilemma, DENGYO approached them to offer our services. DENGYO specializes in designing custom antennas and was uniquely qualified to provide an effective solution.

Over the course of six months, DENGYO worked closely with the customer to determine the proper specifications and requirements.

Before presenting the customer with the final design, DENGYO spent the necessary time to customize and revise the physical and electrical performance of the antenna to meet the carrier’s needs.

In the end, DENGYO offered a custom antenna solution which met all necessary multiband frequency requirements and, more importantly, fit within the existing pole mount designs.

The Results:

A Solution with Unexpected Benefits

The customer was extremely satisfied with the custom solution from DENGYO. Not only did it meet all carrier expectations to increase their capacity and utilize their entire spectrum to provide better service in congested service, but it also saved them a lot of money in the long run.

Based on the spectrum requirements, the carrier would have been forced to pay a significant amount to retrofit a bigger flagpole if DENGYO wasn’t able to provide a viable solution. In addition, they would have faced expensive lease increases if they installed larger equipment with a larger overall footprint.

“DENGYO gave us a solution to our flagpole sites when no other major US vendor had any interest in working with us. Even though we changed specifications several times during design, they stayed the course to deliver the solution on time. We look forward to challenging them again soon as we know they will continue to go above and beyond to provide a path forward for our most demanding sites.” – RF Engineer Representative, Tier 1 U.S. Carrier