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Transparent Antenna

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Seamless. That’s the best way to describe the look of today’s high-end venues. From control panel touchscreens installed into the wall to doors that glide effortlessly on hidden hinges, every aspect of modern convenience blends seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the venue. 

So why shouldn’t your wireless solution be the same?

Transparency is the New Black

At DENGYO, we take a minimalistic and clean approach to designing wireless solutions. That’s why we developed the Visible Light Transmittance Antenna (VLTA), also known as the transparent antenna.

Developed by DENGYO using specially-engineered materials produced through 3M science and innovation, the transparent antenna is similar in look and feel to very thin plexiglass and designed to offer venues a high-performing in-building wireless network solution while maintaining a very minimal visible presence. The transparent material allows light to pass through it making it practically invisible, while still maintaining robust connectivity within your venue. 

The revolutionary antenna is mounted perpendicularly under the ceiling, on a wall or in other locations, blending in perfectly with its surrounding environment. Because of its transparency and slim profile, a transparent antenna can be installed in locations that simply aren’t feasible with more traditional antenna options. 

Consider this… if you were tasked with installing as in-building wireless network solution inside the Sistine Chapel, would you want a bulky traditional antenna hanging next to the Creation of Adam? Probably not. However, if you installed a VLTA, visitors could still marvel at Michelangelo’s masterpiece without any visual distraction and still access their favorite sports app to get the latest scores. 

Two Options to Choose From

Currently, DENGYO offers two models of transparent antenna and recommends their use for indoor coverage in museums, restaurants, showroom galleries, ballrooms, hotels and hospitals. Each model is small, lightweight and easy to install. 

2×2 MIMO Support Wideband Visible Light Transmittance Omni Antenna

  • Can be installed inside or outside
  • Frequency Range: 1700 ~ 5000MHz
  • Gain: > 2dBi
  • Intermodulation: -153 dBc
  • Dimensions: 75 x 370mm
  • Weight: 350g

2×2 MIMO Support Wideband Visible Light Transmittance Panel Antenna

  • Can be installed inside or outside
  • Frequency Range: 1710 ~ 3700MHz
  • Gain: Approximately 10dBi
  • Intermodulation: -153 dBc
  • Dimensions: 160 x 160mm
  • Weight: 500g

Looks That Match Performance

From indoor antennas with minimal visual distraction to multi-band shared antennas and filters for LTE, 5G wireless and beyond, DENGYO focuses on performance quality and clean aesthetics to create wireless technology that performs exceptionally well. If you want a wireless solution that seamlessly blends in with your environment and provides you with proven coverage and performance, give us a call. We’re ready to help you look and perform your best.