With the small size and groundbreaking transparency of the NINJA Visual Light Transmittance Antenna Series (VLTA), you can place antennas indoors or outdoors in hard-to-install areas and still provide excellent-quality service. The NINJA antennas have nearly invisible construction, so it is easy to hide them in plain sight almost anywhere.

These antennas resemble a plexiglass sheet, and their discreet design is easy to camouflage. They easily meet the challenge of 5G deployment in controlled urban and rural areas. Mobile operators, system integrators, and venue managers can now protect aesthetics and deliver the responsive mobile service customers expect.

The VT-M0672-002

DENGYO USA Ninja Antennas

The VT-M1772-002

DENGYO USA Ninja Antenna

The GN00069

DENGYO USA VLTA Specialty Antennas

The GN00072

Dengyo Transparent Antenna

The GS00190

Dengyo Base Station Antenna

The GS00191

Dengyo Base Station Antenna

Indoor Antenna Catalog

DENGYO USA In-Building Catalog

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