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DENGYO launches Fusion, a massive MIMO radio+antenna integrated with a traditional base station antenna

DENGYO USA Launches Fusion

DENGYO launches Fusion

DENGYO, a leading provider of wireless base station antenna solutions, today announced the availability of its new Fusion product line. For mobile network operators refarming their wireless spectrum and enterprises deploying private 5G networks, Fusion is a space-saving solution that combines a mid-band massive MIMO radio+antenna unit with a traditional low/mid-band base station antenna.

Massive MIMO technology promises to improve the data throughput and capacity of the 5G Radio Access Network (RAN). Up to 64 individual transmitter, receivers, and antennas in the unit implement spatial diversity and multiplexing techniques to deliver individual RF links to individual mobile subscribers. This highly precise targeting improves the performance of individual links and of the cell site overall. In addition, subscribers at the edge of a cell will benefit from better reception.

“It’s a natural step for us to integrate two products into one, because our customers are always challenged by the lack of available space at existing cell towers,” said Dohoon Lee, CEO of DENGYO USA. “Fusion combines an active and a passive product, and we’re excited now to be able to offer a more comprehensive suite of active and passive 5G RAN products to customers around the world.”


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